Problem Solving Self-Improvement

Resilient Confidence and Where To Find It

Confidence is a superpower. It’s one of the most admired traits in top executives and innovators. It has been shown to increase performance in academics. Top athletes and sports teams are now employing psychologists to build more deep-rooted confidence. It’s also scientifically proven that confidence is sexy! But while confidence has so many benefits, it can …

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Let's take a detour and redefine safe
Lifestyle Design

Why a Safe Lifestyle is Terrifying… and a Detour

Most people, myself included, are typically wired to take the safest option when making a lifestyle decision. We’ll follow the career path that we’ve worked toward, maintain our social circles (the healthy ones!), and stay within our realm of understanding. What results is usually a pretty good life, not everyone can be Elon Musk, deciding …

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